Jacob Riesterer


Jacob was born in Winter Park, Florida and has lived in the Sunshine State since birth, moving around different parts of Orlando.


When Jacob was young, he experienced hardships, such as his parents’ separation and as a result was placed into his grandmother’s care for a few years until his father re-entered his life. He then attended Colonial High School for four years, during which he joined the prestigious Cambridge program.

Although Jacob was a reserved freshman, he realized the benefit of being involved and joined many clubs such as the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (AFROTC), Coding Club, Art Club, Bowling, and Chess Club. He also worked part-time jobs throughout high school. Jacob demonstrated a tenacity to self develop and became a strong a role model and leader at CHS.

Jacob scored in the 99.95% for the SAT as well as graduated in the top 10% of his class out of 800+ students.


Jacob is now a first-generation college student, enrolled at The University of Florida and plans to  major in Engineering. He hopes to use his learnings in the coming years to advance his hobbies and build a meaningful career that will have an impact on himself and others. He is also considering an opportunity to commission into the Armed Services following the completion of his college degree.