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Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone one of you for donating this year to the scholarship. This year we awarded two $700 scholarships. Every dollar counted and made the recipients life in their first semester a bit easier. It was because of you that you are allowing first generation college students reach their dreams of a quality education. Thank you again and take some time to read their bios!

- Jefferson & Melanie

Mara Mulfeld 

Michel Tarabay

Nicole Tarabay

Robert Povey

Nai Saengphaxay

Ari Elul

Alejandro Duque

Marco Mejia

Christian Betancourt *CHS 97'

Alberto Diaz *CHS 07'

Alex Wills *CHS 07'

Arun Manghnani

Patricia Betancourt

Kenny Betancourt *CHS 09'

Jeni Bouza

Roberto Araujo

Jefferson & Melanie Betancourt

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